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End “guessing” how they feel about you.

Heal from painful (past or present) relationships that leave you questioning if you are loved.

Heal trauma bonding & anxious attachments

Improve your relationships

End self-sabotaging behaviour

Stop walking on eggshells, panicking if "you're good enough", worrying about where you stand in your relationship.

Become confident. Feel secure. Discover infinite true love.

Heal trauma bonding now
Improve your relationships
Actualize your infinite self-worth & self-confidence

Expert Clinical Psychologist

Heal trauma bonding
Have happier & loving relationships
Survive relationship problems
Feel more confident

Hi, I'm Dr Sarah, expert in trauma bonding. Having over 15 years of clinical and coaching experience working with clients who struggled with relationship problems involving abuse and neglect, anxious attachments,  infidelity, and trauma bonding, I have dedicated myself to helping you heal and improve your relationships with other people as well as the relationship with yourself, improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Whether you are divorced, surviving infidelity, single, or in a relationship, I can support you to resolve relationship problems and end self-sabotaging behaviour so you can improve your relationships and be truly happier and fulfilled.


With my clinical and coaching expertise, I have created 6 month program to heal from trauma bonding, improve your relationships and stop self-sabotaging behaviourThis involves an integrative approach, using the most specialised and scientifically evidenced based techniques to solve relationship problems that can come up in toxic cycles, as well as support your growth and wellbeing. Find out more here.

As an Expert Clinical Psychologist, I specialize in human relationship problems and help you to improve your relationships - including romantic, family, friends, peers, and the relationship with yourself. Experiencing traumatic and toxic relationships as well as trauma bonding means you are at risk of experiencing other challenges including low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Through my years of experience as both a Clinician and a certified Coach, I have specially designed a therapeutic program, selecting the best scientifically proven techniques to help you develop, grow, and heal from trauma bonding, relationship problems, and survive infidelity.

By embarking on this journey, I have helped hundreds of people:

  • Heal from trauma bonding

  • Heal anxious attachment styles and create secure attachments

  • Survive infidelity

  • Solve relationship problems

  • Improve your relationships

  • End self-sabotaging behaviour

  • Feel more self-confident

  • Truly love themselves like never before

  • Feel genuine happiness

  • Develop incredibly loving relationships

  • Live their best life


Join me on this transformative journey, where together, we can unlock your path to recovery, empowerment, and happiness.

Welcome to the new you.

All my love, Dr Sarah x



"I was surviving infidelity from my husband when I first met Sarah and through our work I realised I was struggling with relationship problems all my life. I had experienced trauma bonding with previous partners and it was coming up in this relationship. Our work made me realise how my subconscious is acting out and I have been able to resolve so many issues  that I was going through. I'm definitely more confident and content. The only thing is I wish I had started this sooner. If anyone is on the fence about this - I would say definitely do it. It's hard but so worthwhile and life changing!"

-- DE

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