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Is this for me?

This program is designed for people who have struggled with trauma bonding, relationship problems, and anxious attachmentsYou might find that there is one area that feels particularly painful, or that there are many relationships that have felt painful, noticing that toxic patterns are repeating themselves. These relationships may have stemmed from a range of:

  • Childhood, with parents, caregivers or other family members.

  • Adolescent years, involving social circle and your network.

  • Adulthood relationships, including romantic, friendships, and even co-workers.

A trauma bond is a toxic relationship that involves a cycle of love and abuse, and can occur in any relationship type. Typically, you may have experienced:

  • Moments where you felt so loved and cared for but you were also left feeling like you were not good enough.

  • Your relationships had massive highs and crashing lows, push and pulls, and inconsistency. 

  • Criticism, negative judgement, aggression, and attack from the other person; leaving you feeling helpless and confused.

  • Abandonment or being left behind by someone who you loved and expected to be available for you. 

  • Traumas involving the other person, including physical abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, financial abuse, and neglect.

  • Gaslighting where the other person manipulated you into doubting your own reality.

  • Been in a relationship with someone with narcissistic tendencies (they may have a fragile part, but they also present as being grandiose and better than others).

  • You engaged in self-sabotaging behaviours that stopped you from doing what is healthy for you, by prioritizing other people and making yourself "less than".

  • You have been surviving infidelity from your partner along with a history of relationship problems that repeat.

  • You have been trying  navigate anxious attachments which has been leaving you questioning if you will ever be adequate or loved as you are.

You may be struggling with a trauma bond if you:

  • Feel anxious, on edge, waiting for the next 'bad thing' to happen

  • Worry about your partner leaving or abandoning you

  • Believe you are not good enough and you are low in self-confidence

  • Scramble around to "please" you partner by either doing more, changing yourself, or by hiding parts of yourself to not "rock the boat"

  • You wait patiently hoping for the next 'high' in the relationship, hoping things will get better (but it never lasts).

  • Feel confused by the cycle of love and hate.

  • 'Resign' to being helpless and not having control in the relationship.

  • Justify or hide the other person's bad behaviours, claiming "it's not that bad".

If any of this resonated for you, this program may be the one to help you break free of the trap your toxic relationships.

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