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Welcome to a happier you

End “guessing” how they feel about you.

Heal from painful (past or present) relationships that leave you questioning if you are loved.

Heal trauma bonding & anxious attachments

Improve your relationships

End self-sabotaging behaviour

Stop walking on eggshells, panicking if "you're good enough", worrying about where you stand in your relationship.

Become confident. Feel secure. Discover infinite true love.

You can finally

  • Know you are infinitely worthy of love

  • Be loved and accepted exactly how you are and for who you are - no filters

  • Invite and accept healthy love into your life

  • Decline unhealthy love – no hard feelings attached

  • Actualise the relationship you want

  • Know exactly where you stand in the relationship 

  • Share yourself without fear or insecurity 

  • Let go of shame, anxiety, guilt, and trauma

  • Feel safe and calm in your body and mind

  • Wake up peaceful & content

  • Feel confident and secure

  • Find yourself again

  • Know you’re making right choices.

  • Truly self-love

End the toxic patterns

  • Always questioning if you are good enough to be loved

  • Guessing gams of how they feel about you

  • Feeling on edge, not saying anything in case "you cause an argument"

  • Hiding parts of yourself that you feel ashamed of

  • Changing yourself to be "better in their eyes" and therefore "loveable" [you are already loveable, and it's sad that you don't know it]

  • Riding the "high" while it lasts, trying to make it last as long as possible, so you avoid the inevitable "crashing low"

  • Having crashing lows where you feel in despair and heartache

  • Feeling lost, confused, getting mixed messages

  • Gaslighting and manipulation, or worse yet - self-gaslighting and self-doubt

  • Feeling fragile, broken, weak, insecure, and panicked

  • Constantly needing to check "are we ok"

  • Tolerating bad treatment and constant forgiving of (or excusing) hurtful behaviours

  • Losing your friends and family

  • Losing yourself - not knowing who you are

  • Nightmares, sleepless nights, palpitations, physical exhaustion, weight gain/loss, hair loss, poor focus, losing interest in the rest of your life

The past "solutions" weren't really solutions

It's NOT your fault as to why the things you've tried to make it better didn't work.

You didn't have the right tools to understand what was happening, or what would be most supportive of you and any relationship you would be in. As much as these may have "looked like solution", they were sadly ill informed or attempts to "fix" something in a way that was possibly making it worse for both you and your life.

Common unhelpful advice or solutions you might have tried

"Just end it"

"Go no contact"

"Walk out"

Though these answers may seem logical, it is not possible for the brain to comprehend this after a trauma bond. 

The trauma bond makes you neurologically wired to SEEK OUT the relationship pattern. The brain LOVES what is familiar, as opposed to what is necessarily "good" - so yes, you would prioritise a family and yet difficult relationship over unfamiliar territory (which may be being single and objectively comfortable). 

Because of the chemical imbalance that happens in a toxic relationship - fuelled with highs and lows - the body and brain become wired to associate "LOVE WITH STRESS". This means that the brain subconsciously starts to believe that stress is NECESSARY for love to be real.

If all of this is happening - how could you possibly leave that situation? The person and relationship continue to live beyond the grave. 

"Love yourself more"

"Go out and 'do you'"

On the surface, loving yourself is a great bit of advice. However - truthfully - how do you feel about this? The reality is that loving yourself is much easier sad than done.

The problem is that during or after experiencing a toxic relationship, how we feel about ourselves is directly correlated to how we have been treated. Due to the criticism, mixed messages, abandonment, then intense affection - you don't know what to think. You don't know how to see yourself. You end up seeing yourself through their eyes. Each "incident" that happens, you experience a hit. It's like seeing your reflection in the mirror that is FILLED with cracks. You may try to "swerve the cracks" by "behaving" in the way they would want you to - but it's hard work and you become so fragile that more cracks start to appear.


What a lot of people don't realise is that you may have entered a toxic relationship and allowed the destructive behaviours towards you to continue because you felt fragile, you questioned if you were good enough, if you were wrong, if they were right, if they were having a bad time and you needed to be more helpful or forgiving or patient. This shows that there may have already been a lot of cracks in your mirror because of past relationships (e.g. with parents) before even entering this romantic relationship.

"Just talk it out"

"They will understand if you tell them how you feel"

I wish it was that simple. But sadly, it's rarely the case.

You probably have already tried broaching the subject - and what do you get? They either dismiss you, tell you you're being ridiculous or overthinking things, you're crazy, you're seeing it all wrong etc. OR they might attack and criticise you, telling you that you deserve bad treatment, that you are worthless and you're not good enough. OR they might threaten to leave you and end the relationship. 

You can't talk to them because they're not "there" to hear you. 

The truth is that only 7% of communication is through what you say - the 93% is through how you act. I'm not just talking body language. I'm talking about your aura, your energy, how you hold yourself, your ability to have boundaries, how you behave. Even your emotions are picked up by other people around you through pheromones and neurotransmitters - so if you're feeling anxious even if you're trying to act strong - they WILL know it and the communication just won't work. It's not about "talking it through", it's about solidifying the important 93% to strengthen your presence so that it doesn't even get to a painful stage.

heart flowers_2.png


To be happy, loved AND be your authentic self
To feel more than good enough (it's not even a doubt)
To feel more confident than ever before
To feel secure in a relationship that is consistent, fuelled with trust and safety
To have equal control and share power
To feel respected and heard
To feel and know you are a priority
To have a cheerleader on your side

We do things differently here

This program uses decades of scientific methods to target the root so you can:
End toxic relationship patterns & stop self-sabotage

Heal from painful past or present experiences
Grow self-worth and confidence
Create healthy & loving relationship templates

How does this work?

Rewire subconscious mind and neurology

Using decades of scientifically evidence based methods, specialised techniques have been created and refined for this program to help you rewire the neurological pathways in your brain and body. These changes translate into rewiring of your subconscious mind, so that you BREAK THE CHAIN:

- Trauma and fear based responses (i.e. saying or doing something because of painful past experiences that frighten you). You release hold and new hidden and obvious traumas trapped in your body and subconscious mind. You can start to be your authentic self without fear or hesitation, you can become confident and be free from self-doubts.

- Having an automated response from your brain suggesting that LOVE HAS TO BE STRESSFUL. You come to realise that LOVE IS PEACE, LOVE IS KIND, LOVE IS COMPASSION, and LOVE IS ACCEPTANCE. Your brain and body will gracefully decline anything otherwise.

- You will be CONSCIOUS of the decisions that you make, KNOWING the RIGHT decision for you. You no longer "helplessly fall back into the pattern". So if you decide to leave, or if you have already left - you can do this in peace without hard feelings. OR if you are choosing to stay, you know what is needed to feel safe, secure, and happy.

Changing your RelationshipTemplates

Using a combination of Clinical Psychology specialism, and Relationship Coaching, we use techniques that target how you have a relationship with your partner or other people, how they influence how you see yourself, and the relationship you have with your very core self. This is done through supporting healing and processing on: 

- Emotional levels

- Subconscious levels

- Mental levels

- Behavioural levels

- Somatic (body) levels 

Doing this is the key to helping you:

- Feel confident in your relationship with anyone - that you can express your true authentic self without fear of judgement. 

- Stop walking on eggshells, or tiptoeing around, worrying how they will see you and if they will judge, reject, or criticise you.

- Feel SO COMFORTABLE in your own skin - you love yourself so much that it's never even questioned, and you would only allow the best kind of love into your life.

- Inherently command love from a relationship, to the same level that you love yourself.

- Expect thoughtful gestures, your partner holding you in mind, GENUINELY wanting to know about your day and how you are.

- Feeling comfortable being intimate mentally, emotionally, and physically with your partner, without feeling pressured to "please" them or "fear" and avoidance of showing yourself.

That broken self-reflection you see in the mirror is fixed.

Integration of the hidden 93% & 95%

You've tried it all but it's not worked - talking about it, not talking about it, "doing more", "avoiding certain topics", not being "too pressurising", being more "forgiving", changing yourself... the list goes on. It's not worked because they're not the right things to be doing - you just lose yourself in the process and feel broken.


We use techniques that enhance what's under the surface (the 93% of communication and 95% of subconsciousness) so that you are your happiest and most confident self, and you can dictate the relationship you really want to have. 

- Have BOUNDARIES that are so clear and clean - you don't feel guilty for standing up for yourself, and you don't worry about "being too aggressive" or "mean". You know where the lines are and you feel confident to execute these (rather than bending over backwards, yet again).

- COMMUNICATING without ever getting into an argument. You have THAT vibe that others know exactly where they stand and you know where you stand. You welcome what is helpful for you and gracefully decline what is unhelpful. You are assertive, never passive or aggressive (or passive-aggressive), you stand up for yourself without being too distressed, and you know what you deserve.

- You command RESPECT from the other person, you feel HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. Your relationships are based on the desire and ambition to continuously KNOW each other and LEARN about each other as you both EVOVLE over time. 

- You feel CALM and CONTENT. You are at PEACE and you manage difficult situations SO WELL that it doesn't disrupt you. You feel STRONG and UNSHAKEABLE.

- You can PROBLEM-SOLVE so clearly and easily. You no longer risk self-gaslighting or tolerate gaslighting. You do not question yourself and you end self-sabotage behaviours. 


  • 6 Month Healing Trauma Bonding

    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months
  • 6 Month Heal Trauma Bonding

    Every month
    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months

"I was dealing with narcissistic behaviours from my ex-wife and I couldn't see it at the time. I'm actually a mental health nurse and even with my profession, I couldn't fully see the red flags or heal after the relationship ended. I was constantly being gaslit from her and I genuinely believed it was all my fault. She would manipulate me and make me believe that I had hurt her in some way, or that I should have done more, or that I am not as good looking as other people. I later discovered that she was having an affair that went on for 6 months, and had also cheated with other people. I didn't know what to do. I felt like that was all my fault. I wanted to be better for her but it didn't matter what I did - I was never made to feel good enough. I worked with Dr Sarah and it was a long road - it's been hard unravelling the day in day out trauma but it was definitely worth it. When she says she focuses in on evidence based approaches - she really means it. She walked me through how things change from the inside out - and helped me on all levels - emotional, mental, physical, subconscious, and even around neural wiring. There were so many exercises that we did together like journaling in a really specific way, meditations, hypnosis sessions, physical exercises, tapping techniques and so many other things. Dr Sarah is really skilled in what she does and it has been absolutely worth every second and every penny. Anyone who has struggled with narcissistic abuse or infidelity - I would recommend working with Dr Sarah.", HH


"I had come across Dr Sarah by listening to her podcast, and I found it exceptional - so informative and so helpful. I reached out to her but really didn't expect her to respond - but she has always been extremely responsive to anything (she says she will respond in 3 days but it's more like 3 hours). I initially had a one to one consultation with her and it was remarkable - it was like she knew me inside out. She knew me better than I knew myself. She understood exactly the pain I was going through from a recent relationship ending and that it wasn't the only painful relationship ending I had. She very quickly assessed and identified deep rooted patterns that I was subconsciously holding onto and we went deep. We did a lot of meditation practices and hypnosis sessions and the shift was transformational. I got so many insights even after the first session, but every session I had with her after that it just got better and better and I was operating at much higher levels. So grateful for our work together", AK

"When I met Sarah I was in a dark place. I couldn't stop thinking about my ex-husband. Even though I knew a lot of the things he did were abusive and I should have been glad to get out, I really struggled.  I was still in love with him and I still wanted him as well as not wanting him at the same time. I kept replaying everything in my head - not knowing what was right or wrong, if I should have been more patient or kinder or better. I was trapped in my own head and so heartbroken. I didn't know who I was and I lost everything that I was. I then started to work with Sarah and I was really unsure if or how she could help me because I felt so lost and confused. I ended up going for it because I felt like I had to do something to heal from what happened. The work with Sarah was so incredible, I regret not having started it when I was still married and struggling. We went through so much - we worked on my mindset, processing traumas of the relationship as well as my childhood, and I learnt a lot about relationship dynamics. The biggest thing was that I learnt how to deeply love myself again and feel more confident than ever. I know who I am now. Sarah takes healing seriously and she was always responsive to anything I needed. I would recommend to anyone - take the chance to work with her. It'll change your life", NM

 There is no way I would have made it through the life events that I have struggled with without the support and training from our sessions... Would recommend to anyone” ES

Sarah is the only psychotherapist that has truly helped me to improve. Sarah is extremely empathetic, she made me feel very comfortable in every session and I really feel like she cares... she has honestly changed my mindset so much. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve found Sarah and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with mental health, for any reason", EP

"I was surviving infidelity from my husband when I first met Sarah and through our work I realised I was struggling with relationship problems all my life. I had experienced trauma bonding with previous partners... I'm definitely more confident and content. The only thing is I wish I had started this sooner. If anyone is on the fence about this - I would say definitely do it. It's hard but so worthwhile and life changing!", DE

Dr Sarah is an expert at relational trauma. She helped me work through a lot of the trauma bonding I had and get me to a place where I had better relationships with other people and myself. Really incredible", SD

Sarah is excellent at her job. Absolutely professional, kind, empathic and really on point with everything. It was like she knew me better than I knew myself. She really helped me in so many ways. Couldn't thank her enough", FG

I can't thank Dr Sarah enough... she gave me my life back", EK

This method SAVED my life & helped hundreds of my clients

As an Expert Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach, I know the intricacies of how relationships affect you on ALL levels. Having worked in the NHS for 10+years and having my private clinic on Harley, I have witnessed how relationship affects your feelings about yourself, your confidence, your mood, but also your friendships and family relationships, how you perform at work, and even your physical health.


However, it was my personal experience with trauma bonding that really opened my eyes to this painful issue, and both the combination of my personal and professional knowledge opened the door for the solution I created...


I got to a point of having dark thoughts of ending my life. I was in so much pain caused by my relationships I just didn't know what to do. It felt like nothing I ever did was good enough - that I myself was fundamentally unlovable. Something had to change.


That's when I discovered this method which LITERALLY saved my life and I was able to have the BEST relationship. In 2018 I got married to the most incredible person and we have a beautiful daughter together. Till this day, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, feeling blessed and honoured for this relationship, knowing I'm loved without a hint of doubt in my mind.


But it wasn't all roses. From 2009 till 2016, I lived through the worst years of my life. I was in one horrific relationship followed by another (that was arguably worse). I got called names, shouted at, ignored, money stolen, lied to, cheated on, and struck in the face.


I finally stopped trying all the methods I thought would get my (ex-)partners to love me more that clearly weren't working. I leaned into what I did know as a practicing Clinical Psychologist. I really got specific and dialled in on what I knew worked. I took a totally different approach compared with all the gurus out there with advice on what you should and shouldn't do. I actually developed something totally unique that was the real game changer. This method really focused on changing the wiring of my subconscious mind on how I perceived, felt, and acted in relationships.


I created a method that, after learning, everything was falling into place so naturally and automatically. I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do without even thinking about it. I could feel love without having to work hard or beg for it. I felt confident in myself and the question of "how good enough am I" never entered my mind again. I knew I was beyond good enough.



This worked so well for me so I introduced this method to my clients for the past few years and it helped HUNDREDS of people! You can see how they got on in the reviews they left me. And I'm so excited to share this method with you too!


  • 6 Month Healing Trauma Bonding

    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months
  • 6 Month Heal Trauma Bonding

    Every month
    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months

Introducing the Heal from Trauma Bonding Method

Core elements of the program (and so much more)

Modules 1-3

You will start working on all levels: 

Mental, emotional, somatic, subconscious, and behavioural to start:

- Processing hidden traumas and healing these

- Identifying patterns of sabotage

- Pathways to alleviate pain

Modules 4-6

You will start using techniques to:

- Process hidden subconscious thoughts, emotions, and behaviours

- Remove subconscious falsely adopted emotions including guilt, fear, and shame

- Let go of trauma

- Recognising self-worth

Modules 7-9

Screen for personality traits and combination of these so you can:

- Avoid toxic combinations

- Heal prior combinations

- Seek out healthy patterns

Modules 10-13

You will learn how to set up healthy and happy relationship templates.

You will discover how to STOP your vulnerabilities damaging a healthy relationship

You will know how to stop accidentally pushing away healthy signs and attracting toxic patterns

Modules 14-16

You will create the foundations for having the best relationship with yourself.

You will learn about how to free yourself from self-negative beliefs

Start realising your confidence and actualise your self-worth

Let go of negative and falsely held self-limiting beliefs and emotions

Modules 17-19

You will learn how to heal wounds of the past and present that enforced negative relationships

You can truly and fully love yourself and self-accept

Create infinite compassion and wisdom in acting in line with your highest good.

Modules 20-23

You will learn how to implement and practice boundaries confidently and safely (without backing down.

Communicate your desires without getting into an argument, sharing true and authentic self. 

Gain respect and feel understood deeply and truly

Be an equal, with fair share and control

Modules 24-26

You will learn how to consistently and confidently feel calm and at peace, despite of distress and chaos going on around you.

Let go of feeling frantic, gain confidence and security.

What do you get by joining?

* Weekly group zoom calls where we talk about techniques and methods to support our healing from trauma bonds and toxic relationships.

* Weekly videos that will help you learn more about your experiences and support your growth and healing journey between our weekly zoom sessions.

* Worksheets and self-reflective journals to enforce learnings and changes.

* The option to send these journals in for an accountability check, where you will be supported by either Dr Sarah and / or her team (who are supervised by Dr Sarah).

* The option to ask any question which will be answered to support you.

I'm ready for this!

The VALUE of the offer:
- Weekly coaching calls, valued at £250 each x 26 sessions = £6,500
- Weekly video materials, valued at £200 each x 52 hours (min) = £10,400
- Weekly self-reflective journal materials, valued at £150 x 26 = £3,900
- Support outside of the calls (monitoring of journaling, responses to questions etc) valued at £200 x 26 weeks = £5,200
Total value = £26,000

GET THIS FOR £7,200.


  • 6 Month Healing Trauma Bonding

    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months
  • 6 Month Heal Trauma Bonding

    Every month
    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months
Coffee Shop With Plants


When do we meet?

The group calls are scheduled every Thursday evening at 7pm UK time throughout the 6 month container.


There is 1 integration week between each module whereby no calls are scheduled, but it is an opportunity for you to go revisit the information discussed. The integration weeks are scheduled every 5 weeks.

Where do we meet?

All sessions are held via zoom.

Recordings will be made available for missed sessions.

How will I access the materials?

Upon joining the group, you will have access to the materials through the online portal. You will be notified via email every week for when new materials are out. New materials and videos are released every week

If I have a question, how long do I wait to get a response?

Send us an email, and we aim to get back to you in 3 business days. 

What do the group calls look like?

We start off by discussing a topic (e.g. self-relationship, somatic trauma processing etc.) and you will be notified of the group topic in advance. 


You can submit questions that you want answering 3 days before the scheduled group call and these will be answered. You can also ask questions while you are on the group call. 

You can also request to be involved in a direct discussion / role play to practice out techniques taught, to ground your individual learning.

A group? I don't know how I feel about that...

A group is different compared with one to one coaching but it's arguably better. You get all of your questions answered, you get the answers to questions you've never even thought of before, AND you get a supportive community who know EXACTLY what you've gone through. It's like coaching multiplied by 10!

Can I get one to one support?

YES! You can get one to one extra support while on the program for an additional fee.

Can I join with a payment plan?

Yes, the payment plan is described below.

I'm not sure right now - can I think about it and maybe join later?

Sure, you can join at any time however just remember that the discounted price will only be available till the timer hits 0. Then the standard price is on offer. So why wait a few more days to pay the extra fee?

Who is this for?

If you have:
  • Struggled with toxic relationships for years
  • Experienced difficult relationships across several contexts
  • Feel low in your self-worth and confidence
  • Experienced relationships fuelled with cycles of "good" and abandonment, criticism, neglect, feeling ignored, manipulated, or judged.

We only like working with people who are:
  • Committed to their growth
  • Able to ask questions
  • Able to take on board feedback
  • Able to accept support
  • Take their wellbeing seriously.
This program is NOT for you if:
  • You are not willing to engage in the materials
  • Are resistant to taking on feedback
  • Unsure if you want to commit to healing and growing
  • At current risk or you are looking for an emergency service.
We are not an emergency service and we cannot provide urgent care. This program is designed to therapeutically coach people through healing and growth.
If you require urgent care, please contact your local emergency services, A&E, 999 (UK) or 911 (US), or your general practitioner for support.


  • 6 Month Healing Trauma Bonding

    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months
  • 6 Month Heal Trauma Bonding

    Every month
    6 Months Program Heal Trauma Bonding
    Valid for 6 months

See you on the other side

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