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What's in the program? 

This program has been carefully designed using scientifically evidence based methods to support healing from trauma bonding and toxic relationships. The techniques I use are backed up by clinically proven research that trace back over 50 years, and are integrated in such a way to serve you best. I have spent over a decade dedicating myself to refining and perfecting my clinical and coaching skills in the development of this program and supporting clients to heal. 

The program involves a 6 month group container where not only will you be fully supported by myself, but by your peers as well. Throughout the program, you will have:

  • Group sessions led by myself to discuss weekly materials and support the implementation of the tools and strategies.

  • Exclusive access to weekly materials including videos, worksheets, and homework for you.

  • An accountability tracker, where you can record the work you have completed, so you can reduce your risk of falling backwards and stay on track with your healing progress.

  • If you are looking for additional support, one to one sessions with myself, twice every month will be available. 

  • You will also be able to join my exclusive 3 day retreat which is reserved for program members. You can check out the details for this along with reviews of past clients.

The program runs in modules that take you on a journey to:


Heal from past abuse, criticism and abandonment. Supporting you surviving infidelity and / or anxious attachments


Break the hold and addiction of a trauma bonding and toxic relationships.


Find your self-confidence and your infinite self-worth.


End self-sabotaging behaviour which maintains relationship problems.


Develop and integrate healthy strategies to feel happier, improve your relationships, command respectful boundaries, and communicate openly.

More specifically, the program includes the following topics:

  • The intricacies, triggers, and addictions of trauma bonding.

  • Your anxious attachment style and stepping into secure attachments.

  • Improving the relationship you have with yourself, knowing your "enoughness", that you deserve joy and peace.

  • Finding strength and resilience, even in your vulnerability.

  • Improving your relationships and solving relationship problems easily and effortlessly.

  • Safely taking risks in future relationships so that you are protected, but you are also seeing what fits and serves you best.

  • How and why you might not notice self-sabotaging behaviours, and ways to end these.

  • Healthy boundaries, communicating your needs, not tolerating toxic behaviours.

  • Processing and letting go of painful emotions and memories.

Scientific evidence based techniques used in the program include the following approaches: Cognitive, Behavioural, Cognitive Analytical, Attachment, Psychodynamic Interpersonal, Somatic, Compassion Focused, Mentalization, Mindfulness, Grief and Loss, and Solution Focused. These techniques are integrated in such a way to help you:

Process your subconscious beliefs, emotions, and behaviours, so that you can heal to your core. 

In order for me to ensure that I give each and every client my fullest attention and support, I only have a limited number of people I am able to take on within each group container. If you want to learn more about the healing program and take the opportunity to grow, please watch the training video I created to support people in taking their first steps. Click here to sign up to the video. 

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