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Let's talk about Trauma Bonding & Healing

There is so much information out there and sadly, some of it is misinformed or it comes from a place of constant frustration, victimhood, and keeps people stuck in the trauma bond. 

Here, I have created a 4 part video series to talk about trauma bonds, why certain people (YOU) may get attracted to a trauma bond based on your personality type, attachment style, and historical wounds.


I also guide you through initial steps you can take now to start your healing journey.


Video 1: What is a trauma bond: Stages & Hook ins

Video 2:  Why you are susceptible to entering & remaining in a trauma bond

Video 3: Healing the subconscious wound: Reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Video 4: Hypnosis to support and grow your self-worth.

I honour you for taking the first steps to your growth.

Dr Sarah

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