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Take your first step to healing trauma bonding


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Find out more about the vicious cycles you find yourself trapped in when struggling in a relationship, and points at which you can start looking at to break free.

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Healthy Relationship Checklist

Discover the 5 major red flags in relationships that signal toxicity and unhealthiness. Identify these warning signs and create a loving, secure, open connection with your partner.

Are you seeking clarity about your relationship's health? Don't fret—I've got you covered!  This checklist will offer valuable insights and help you gauge the status of your own relationship. Gain the understanding you need today!

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Being happy

Take this quiz which I have especially designed for you, to discover your unconscious beliefs about your self-worth. This piece of insight can tell you how you are likely to behave towards yourself, in your relationships, at work, as well as other domains in your life.

Discover WHY you end up in toxic relationships, how these affect you now and how they will continue to affect your future if you do not change now. Learn more about your specific attachment style, core fears and desires you have, as well as the risked consequences of your history. I provide you with 10 in-depth steps you can take now to begin your healing journey.


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Here, you will find an extensive collection of my published works that showcase my expertise, insights, and contributions to the field of psychology. Through these publications, I share a wealth of knowledge, research findings, and practical strategies to enhance mental well-being and promote personal growth.

Being Loved

10 Tips to Stop Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough: Start feeling good about yourself & know your self-worth

How can you start feeling good about yourself?
Here's your guide on how.
Feeling like you're not good enough or unworthy can be an incredibly painful place to be. These emotions often stem from experiencing a toxic relationship, leaving lasting scars on our self-esteem. As social beings, our relationships have a profound impact on how we perceive ourselves.

Power of emotions

10 ways to feel better:

How to regulate your emotions

Discover the power of emotional regulation and unlock a healthier, happier you. Emotional regulation is not just about controlling emotions but understanding, managing, and responding to them in a way that promotes well-being. In these pages, I delve into the importance of emotional regulation and provide you with 10 effective strategies to cultivate this essential skill.

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10 Ways You Sabotage Your Relationship 

Unconsciously or consciously

Embark on a journey of growth, healing, and building healthier connections.
From early childhood through adulthood, we learn what to expect, how to behave, and how others may treat us. These lessons influence our ability to trust, express our emotions, and navigate various relationship contexts, including with parents, family, peers, friends, and romantic partners.

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Heal Your Abandonment Wound

Healing from an abandonment wound requires a compassionate and holistic approach. It involves acknowledging and understanding the pain, working through unresolved emotions, developing self-compassion and self-worth, and learning healthy relationship patterns. Seeking support from a therapist or counselor who specializes in attachment and trauma can be beneficial in this healing journey.

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