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Reviews: What people say


"I can't thank Dr Sarah enough... she gave me my life back", EK from Manchester


"I can't thank Dr Sarah enough, she has been so kind and gentle to me especially when I was being horrible to myself. She gave me my life back"

EK, Manchester

"I was dealing with narcissistic behaviours from my ex-wife and I couldn't see it at the time. I'm actually a mental health nurse and even with my profession, I couldn't fully see the red flags or heal after the relationship ended. I was constantly being gaslit from her and I genuinely believed it was all my fault. She would manipulate me and make me believe that I had hurt her in some way, or that I should have done more, or that I am not as good looking as other people. I later discovered that she was having an affair that went on for 6 months, and had also cheated with other people. I didn't know what to do. I felt like that was all my fault. I wanted to be better for her but it didn't matter what I did - I was never made to feel good enough. I worked with Dr Sarah and it was a long road - it's been hard unravelling the day in day out trauma but it was definitely worth it. When she says she focuses in on evidence based approaches - she really means it. She walked me through how things change from the inside out - and helped me on all levels - emotional, mental, physical, subconscious, and even around neural wiring. There were so many exercises that we did together like journaling in a really specific way, meditations, hypnosis sessions, physical exercises, tapping techniques and so many other things. Dr Sarah is really skilled in what she does and it has been absolutely worth every second and every penny. Anyone who has struggled with narcissistic abuse or infidelity - I would recommend working with Dr Sarah.", HH


"I had come across Dr Sarah by listening to her podcast, and I found it exceptional - so informative and so helpful. I reached out to her but really didn't expect her to respond - but she has always been extremely responsive to anything (she says she will respond in 3 days but it's more like 3 hours). I initially had a one to one consultation with her and it was remarkable - it was like she knew me inside out. She knew me better than I knew myself. She understood exactly the pain I was going through from a recent relationship ending and that it wasn't the only painful relationship ending I had. She very quickly assessed and identified deep rooted patterns that I was subconsciously holding onto and we went deep. We did a lot of meditation practices and hypnosis sessions and the shift was transformational. I got so many insights even after the first session, but every session I had with her after that it just got better and better and I was operating at much higher levels. So grateful for our work together", AK

"When I met Sarah I was in a dark place. I couldn't stop thinking about my ex-husband. Even though I knew a lot of the things he did were abusive and I should have been glad to get out, I really struggled.  I was still in love with him and I still wanted him as well as not wanting him at the same time. I kept replaying everything in my head - not knowing what was right or wrong, if I should have been more patient or kinder or better. I was trapped in my own head and so heartbroken. I didn't know who I was and I lost everything that I was. I then started to work with Sarah and I was really unsure if or how she could help me because I felt so lost and confused. I ended up going for it because I felt like I had to do something to heal from what happened. The work with Sarah was so incredible, I regret not having started it when I was still married and struggling. We went through so much - we worked on my mindset, processing traumas of the relationship as well as my childhood, and I learnt a lot about relationship dynamics. The biggest thing was that I learnt how to deeply love myself again and feel more confident than ever. I know who I am now. Sarah takes healing seriously and she was always responsive to anything I needed. I would recommend to anyone - take the chance to work with her. It'll change your life", NM

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"I was really worried about going to therapy. I was really guarded to begin with because I've had therapy before and it hadn't really worked, so I wasn't sure this would work either. It took time but things have changed dramatically. I am much more confident in social situations, I have better boundaries with other people, I can tell other people what I want and don't want. I'm not that shy girl I used to be. Thank you so much for having me Sarah"

RT, Manchester

"Dr Sarah really helped me with feelings of anxiety and panic. I was having a panic attack every day and it was really stopping me from going out and doing what I wanted to do. I feel so much better now"

NG, Leeds

"Sarah has been excellent. She has been incredibly caring and supportive throughout therapy and has helped me in so many ways. I feel better about myself and therapy has helped me feel happy again."

YK. Manchester

"Sarah is excellent at her job. Absolutely professional, kind, empathic and really on point with everything. It was like she knew me better than I knew myself. She really helped me in so many ways. Couldn't thank her enough"

FG, Manchester

"Dr Sarah is an expert at relational trauma. She helped me work through a lot of the trauma bonding I had and get me to a place where I had better relationships with other people and myself. Really incredible"

SD, Manchester

"Dr Sarah helped me work through so many painful memories of past realtionships. I was stuck in a trap and it was hard going from one relationship to the next but I felt empty and lost. I feel so much better now, I feel more confident and at peace. Definitely worth it"

JS, Manchester

"I can't thank Dr Sarah enough, she has been so kind and gentle to me especially when I was being horrible to myself. She gave me my life back"

EK, Manchester

"I am so glad I went on the program. Before I kept getting stuck in the same pattern again and again. Now I am free! I have the best relationship, I feel confident, I know my self-worth. Thank you!!!"

HV, Manchester

"I was in abusive relationships and I just kept trying to push through it and be 'fine', making excuses for him. It took a lot of work but I am in a much better place, I notice negative patterns more and I can break these cycles."

PB, Manchester

"This has been such a huge experience for me. Sarah has been incredibly helpful and I feel like I am a new person. I would definitely recommend"

OB, Manchester

"Each session was really powerful. Sarah helped me through so much anxiety, panic, fear, sadness. She even helped me with things that I didn't realise kept me down like being guilty over stuff I shouldn't be. Really recommend her as a coach and therapist"

LK, Manchester

"Sarah was so warm and welcoming. She helped me feel at peace. Thank you"

ND, Manchester

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"Sarah is so friendly and kind. She is great at what she does and I have noticed myself enjoying doing the work with her. I feel more confident now and comfortable within myself"


HD, Manchester 

"Sarah is incredibly skilled at her profession and she uses a wide range of techniques to adjust and adapt to what is going on. We have been able to cover so many different things and she has helped me grow in lots of ways - how I am in relationships, with my family, and at work"

BO, Manchester

"Sarah has been so kind and helped me with the loss of my dad. I really struggled and she helped me grow through the pain"

EC, Manchester

"Dr Sarah has helped me learn to stand up for myself, to be more confident and feel good about myself."

JE, Manchester

"Sarah helped me develop my self-esteem and my confidence. She has been so good to me and never gave up on me even when things got really hard"

TL, Manchester

"I couldn't thank Sarah enough. She helped me move away from toxic relationships and friendships. Now I have great boundaries which I feel confident to keep and my self-esteem is so much better."

NW, Manchester

"I went through a really messy divorce and Sarah really helped me. She could help me separate the side of me that wanted to go back into unhealthy patterns and move to what I needed. I learned my value"

SP, Manchester

"Dr Sara helped me with managing difficult cultural issues I had - my family had certain beliefs and it was hard to break free without feeling guilty. She helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and be certain in what I wanted"

OL, Manchester

"In the program, I worked through a lot of the reasons why I was getting panicked in my relationship or around other people. A lot of healing from trauma"

II, Manchester

"I learned how to be more assertive and stand up for myself. Sarah helped me create good boundaries with other people so I can get the respect I deserve and need"

SD, Manchester

"Dr Sarah really helped me work through a lot of things - she isn't your typical 'one thing' only therapist. She saw that I had lots of different things going on at the same time, and they affected other parts of my life. She helped me create coping strategies to manage difficult feelings and situations"

LL, Manchester

"Me and Sarah have worked together for a few weeks and I have noticed a huge change in my feelings - I feel less anxious and much happier"

JT, Manchester

"I have benefitted a great deal having Dr Sarah as my therapist. She has been super empathic and made me feel so safe"

LW, Manchester

"This has been such an enlightening experience from start to finish. I know that self-development is never 'finished' but I have the tools and strength to go on to better things"

KP, Manchester

"Sarah has been so flexible with me and has supported me when I needed her. She listens attentively to what's going on for me and she genuinely cares"

RE, Manchester

"Sarah has been so warm and kind, she is full of compassion and she was able to also help me push through some of my problems to get to the other side"

CC, Manchester

"Me and my girlfriend came to Sarah looking for help - we were arguing a lot and she helped us learn to speak to each other in a healthy way so we both feel heard, understood and cared"

UT, Manchester

"I was in a bad place worrying about how successful I was (not) and Dr Sarah helped me see my worth. She helped me get out of bad patterns. A weight has been lifted"

OS, Manchester

"I have grown so much from this. She has given me coping strategies but also got me to really break vicious cycles I was stuck in"

TK, Manchester

Additional reviews verified on Harley Therapy

"Sarah is excellent"


"It’s been an absolute pleasure and joy working with Sarah. During the course of our sessions, she has helped me understand my own mind and begin a path towards improving my relationships. Really amazing."


"Sarah has been really helpful and always listens attentively. She has taken the time to get to know me and what I want from therapy in order to cater the sessions to my needs, which has made so much difference. The sessions make me feel comfortable and I have made a lot of progress as a result."


"Sarah is a very knowledgeable, nice, and helpful psychologist. It was easy to talk to her as she creates a non-judgmental environment in which I can express and say whatever is on my mind and what I am feeling. When I find it hard to do so, she helps. Sarah has been great and has helped me to improve on emotion regulation and relationship with myself and others, including grief."


"I found the sessions with Dr Sarah very helpful. Since the session started, I understood a lot of the the ‘why’s behind my anxiety and worrying, which I found very helpful. Dr Sarah also provided very useful and practical techniques to cope with my conditions. I also love the fact that the help I received at each session is specific to my situation and I understood myself better through the process. I am definitely in a better place now compared to before the session."


"Sarah has been brilliant throughout the whole therapy process. Sarah was the first therapist that I spoke to and she made me feel at ease from the first session. She is a kind and knowledgable therapist who has helped me understand and process a number of personal issues. I recommend Sarah highly."


"Sarah has a great amount of empathy, and takes a client-centric approach to therapy, always listening with an open mind and providing the right insight."


"She was fantastic and very helpful already. This was my first ever therapy session. I feel hugely validated and ready to change my life. Very positive experience."


Sarah has been an incredible help. She is very professional and has a very kind approach - as well as a lot of skills and experience. I have been able to work through many issues and gained a lot of confidence thanks to our work together. Would highly recommend!"


"Dr. Sara Alsawy is a very professional therapists, I really liked that she explains scientifically and with illustrations why I feel certain feelings and why it happens. Never felt pressured during any of my session with her. I always feel comfortable to talk without censoring. Sessions with Dr. Sara really helped me overcome some issues"


"I found Sarah really easy to talk to and she was able to help me better understand and manage my difficulties. Thank you!"


"Good supportive approach, patient"


"I have been working with Dr Sarah for the last few months and I have found her sessions incredibly helpful. She is both empathic and practical. In my sessions with Dr Sarah, I have felt my anxiety levels go down and her sessions have been a big help for me in my daily life. She also gives lots of interesting reading materials, diagrams and links to video clips to watch, read and digest after each session, which I've found an added bonus and hugely impactful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Sarah as an excellent therapist."


"Really kind and helpful, immediately made me feel comfortable and listened intently"


"Sarah has been a huge help! In March 2022, my wife and I began therapy sessions with Sarah. We were in a bad situation. Our lives had been clouded by long periods of arguing followed by quiet silence. After two appointments, we witnessed the positive impacts of the sessions. The sessions helped us have a better grasp of where we were, the cycles, and triggers, as well as seeing things from the perspective of the other person. We're in a much better place than we were before, and we feel Sarah's assistance has helped us rebuild our lives. We appreciate the assistance and can see how it is assisting us in establishing a better environment for our children!"


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