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About me

I'm Dr Sarah! Drawing from my personal and professional experiences of trauma bonds, I have dedicated myself to helping others and creating a safe space for healing and growth.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, I aim to help and serve you. I support you in creating a healthy relationship with your being and gaining the strength, confidence, and resilience to have happy relationships where you can unapologetically be your true self, feel safe, and feel love. 

My Vision

My vision is to allow everyone to heal and recover from trauma bonding so you no longer feel trapped in unhealthy relationships where you feel distressed, neglected, abandoned, attacked, or rejected.


My vision is to empower you to grow, embrace your self-worth, love yourself, and feel secure and confident so that you can create healthy and loving relationships.


My Mission

My mission is to support individuals in their journey to heal from traumas, foster healthy connections with themselves and others, and unlock a life filled with genuine meaning. My aim is to create an environment where you can breathe easily, feel liberated, love yourself unconditionally, and embrace the love that others offer.


I welcome you to embark on a transformative path towards becoming a new, more confident, and happier version of yourself.

Empowering. Growing. Healing.

Years of scientific research have shown that traumas like abuse, control, and neglect deeply impact us. We may struggle with self-worth, engage in arguments, and blame ourselves. Research has revealed that people find it hard to voice their needs, prioritize others, and make excuses for mistreatment. We are here to change that.

I am committed to helping you break free from these patterns. Take control of your life, embrace self-love, and foster love within your relationships.

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