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End Toxic Relationship Cycles & Receive Long-Lasting Love

trauma bonding recovery, surviving infidelity

End self-sabotaging behaviour, relationship not working

heal from narcissistic abuse

Become Relationship Confident Without Getting Into Arguments, Self-Sacrifice, Or Feeling Like You're Not Good Enough.

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If you have struggled with trauma bonding, anxious attachments or relationship problems and found yourself in painful cycles again and again, learn how to END the toxic cycles so you can grow your self-confidence and worth. 

Watch my free training video and sign up to the program to support your healing journey.

If you have had...

- Moments where you felt so loved but ALSO feeling like you were not good enough.

- Criticism, judgement, aggression, and attack; leaving you helpless and confused.

- Abandonment and left behind by someone who you loved and expected to be available for you. 

Gaslighting where you were manipulated that you ended up doubting yourself.

- Been in a relationship with someone with narcissistic tendencies or survived narcissistic abuse.

- You sacrificed your happiness and prioritised them (self-sabotage behaviours).

- You are surviving infidelity.

- You want to heal from narcissistic abuse.

- You have anxious attachments & you question if you can be loved as you are.

Introducing: Heal Trauma Bonding

Relationships can be incredible and make us burst with joy! It's amazing when you feel so loved and wanted.



trauma bonding recovery, surviving infidelity

End self-sabotaging behaviour, relationship not working

heal from narcissistic abuse

It's gut wrenchingly stressful, chaotic, and devastating not knowing where you stand in a relationship, staying up all night panicking "what if they don't love me". You feel sick and your chest hurts. You're left second guessing EVERYTHING and you constantly, "I'm not good enough".

Doing your best to get them to notice you [like giving them "what they want", spending money on gifts, time planning dates, and energy to lose weight] in the hope that they will want you back sadly just doesn't work.

Tiptoeing so you're not "asking for too much" and you're not "too clingy", stopping yourself from telling them how YOU feel or what you want, also just doesn't work.

If anything, these methods just keep you stuck not knowing how they really feel about you.

You end up in a whirlwind of love and fearing abandonment.

The answer?

A scientifically proven method that helps you to RESOLVE this turmoil without the risk of losing love, so you feel CONFIDENT knowing exactly what to do and how to have a secure and stable relationship.

End the cycle of "temporary love" mixed with pain, anxiety, and heartache. Heal from narcissistic abuse and the dark triad.

Discover your true worth and find infinite love.


Trauma bonding recovery

Let's face it...

There is so much bad relationship advice out there. Many people talk about "you have to do X, Y, Z" but the truth is that these methods they talk about have NEVER ACTUALLY WORKED for them. More often than not, the advice they give is nothing more than surface level thoughtless information that doesn't actually solve the real issue.

The thing is, if the solution was a straight-forward surface level technique, you would have done it by now.


Chances are you've already tried a lot of things.

trauma bonding recovery, surviving infidelity

End self-sabotaging behaviour, relationship not working

heal from narcissistic abuse

You might have considered leaving the relationship. In accordance to common advice given by popular internet gurus, "if you're not happy, you should end it and go no contact". A decision to end a relationship is NEVER easy and you may risk losing the best thing you had. There are big ties between you both and that's why you've spent all this time together.


Sure, you might try harder to make them happy, telling them how you feel, or going to therapy on your own or as a couple.


You might even try "loving yourself more" but sadly all of these strategies don't work. You might feel better for a brief moment in time, but you find yourself back where you were.


You end up repeating the same cycle of feeling loved then suddenly feeling unwanted and abandoned. This becomes your new "norm".


Let me tell you - feeling loved on a daily basis is a BASIC HUMAN NEED. Believe me, having worked in mental health settings for 15+ years and qualifying as an Expert Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach, I see how much a healthy relationship can make people thrive or barely survive.

It doesn't have to be this hard.


You can experience love every single day. You can completely change the dynamic of your relationship so that you feel secure, knowing that you deserve to be loved and you can safely command love. Without the risk of being judged, criticised, or being called "needy" or "too much"... and you can even wire your subconscious brain so all of this happens on autopilot.

Heal from narcissistic abuse


This method helped me and hundreds of my clients.

What could it do for you?




Having worked in the NHS for over 10 years and having my own clinic on Harley, as an Expert Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach, I know the intricacies of how relationships affect you on ALL levels. Your relationship affects how you feel about yourself, your confidence, your mood, but also your friendships and family relationships, how you perform at work, and even your physical health!


However, it was my personal experience with trauma bonding that really opened my eyes to this painful issue, and both the combination of my personal and professional knowledge opened the door for the solution I created...


From 2009 till 2016, I lived through the worst years of my life. I was in one horrific relationship followed by another (that was arguably worse). I got called names, shouted at, ignored, money stolen, lied to, cheated on, and struck in the face.


Even though I logically knew this wasn't healthy and I "couldn't go on", I also couldn't find a way out. I was stuck. I invested MY LIFE into these people and the relationships, giving them everything I had - my love, my time, my care, my energy, my soul.

trauma bonding recovery, surviving infidelity

End self-sabotaging behaviour, relationship not working

heal from narcissistic abuse

Fast forward to 2018, I got married to the most incredible person and we have a beautiful daughter together. Till this day, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, feeling blessed and honoured for this relationship, knowing I'm loved without a hint of doubt in my mind.


What happened? I finally stopped trying all the methods I thought would get my (ex-)partners to love me more that clearly weren't working. I leaned into what I did know as a practicing Clinical Psychologist. I really got specific and dialled in on what I knew worked. I took a totally different approach compared with all the gurus out there with advice on what you should and shouldn't do. I actually developed something totally unique that was the real game changer. This method really focused on changing the wiring of my subconscious mind on how I perceived, felt, and acted in relationships.


I created a method that, after learning, everything was falling into place so naturally and automatically. I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do without even thinking about it. I could feel love without having to work hard or beg for it. I felt confident in myself and the question of "how good enough am I" never entered my mind again. I knew I was beyond good enough.




I began sharing my method with my clients a few years ago. I poured my life's work over the past decade into developing a coaching program to support people through their relationship anxieties and traumas. The transformation has been phenomenal and it's a privilege to witness. They have never been happier, confident, and more secure, feeling loved so easily just the way they are.


"When I met Sarah I was in a dark place. I couldn't stop thinking about my ex-husband. Even though I knew a lot of the things he did were abusive and I should have been glad to get out, I really struggled.  I was still in love with him and I still wanted him as well as not wanting him at the same time. I kept replaying everything in my head - not knowing what was right or wrong, if I should have been more patient or kinder or better. I was trapped in my own head and so heartbroken. I didn't know who I was and I lost everything that I was. I then started to work with Sarah and I was really unsure if or how she could help me because I felt so lost and confused. I ended up going for it because I felt like I had to do something to heal from what happened. The work with Sarah was so incredible, I regret not having started it when I was still married and struggling. We went through so much - we worked on my mindset, processing traumas of the relationship as well as my childhood, and I learnt a lot about relationship dynamics. The biggest thing was that I learnt how to deeply love myself again and feel more confident than ever. I know who I am now. Sarah takes healing seriously and she was always responsive to anything I needed. I would recommend to anyone - take the chance to work with her. It'll change your life", NM


"I was dealing with narcissistic behaviours from my ex-wife and I couldn't see it at the time. I'm actually a mental health nurse and even with my profession, I couldn't fully see the red flags or heal after the relationship ended. I was constantly being gaslit from her and I genuinely believed it was all my fault. She would manipulate me and make me believe that I had hurt her in some way, or that I should have done more, or that I am not as good looking as other people. I later discovered that she was having an affair that went on for 6 months, and had also cheated with other people. I didn't know what to do. I felt like that was all my fault. I wanted to be better for her but it didn't matter what I did - I was never made to feel good enough. I worked with Dr Sarah and it was a long road - it's been hard unravelling the day in day out trauma but it was definitely worth it. When she says she focuses in on evidence based approaches - she really means it. She walked me through how things change from the inside out - and helped me on all levels - emotional, mental, physical, subconscious, and even around neural wiring. There were so many exercises that we did together like journaling in a really specific way, meditations, hypnosis sessions, physical exercises, tapping techniques and so many other things. Dr Sarah is really skilled in what she does and it has been absolutely worth every second and every penny. Anyone who has struggled with narcissistic abuse or infidelity - I would recommend working with Dr Sarah.", HH

trauma bonding recovery, surviving infidelity

End self-sabotaging behaviour, relationship not working

heal from narcissistic abuse

"I had come across Dr Sarah by listening to her podcast, and I found it exceptional - so informative and so helpful. I reached out to her but really didn't expect her to respond - but she has always been extremely responsive to anything (she says she will respond in 3 days but it's more like 3 hours). I initially had a one to one consultation with her and it was remarkable - it was like she knew me inside out. She knew me better than I knew myself. She understood exactly the pain I was going through from a recent relationship ending and that it wasn't the only painful relationship ending I had. She very quickly assessed and identified deep rooted patterns that I was subconsciously holding onto and we went deep. We did a lot of meditation practices and hypnosis sessions and the shift was transformational. I got so many insights even after the first session, but every session I had with her after that it just got better and better and I was operating at much higher levels. So grateful for our work together", AK


See more testimonials

trauma bonding recovery, surviving infidelity

End self-sabotaging behaviour, relationship not working

heal from narcissistic abuse

"Dr Sarah is an expert at relational trauma. She helped me work through a lot of the trauma bonding I had and get me to a place where I had better relationships with other people and myself. Really incredible", SD

”I couldn't thank Sarah enough... Now I have great boundaries which I feel confident to keep and my self-esteem is so much better", NW


"Dr Sarah helped me work through so many painful memories of past relationships. I was stuck in a trap and it was hard going from one relationship to the next but I felt empty and lost. I feel so much better now, I feel more confident and at peace. Definitely worth it", JS


"Sarah is excellent at her job. Absolutely professional, kind, empathic and really on point with everything. It was like she knew me better than I knew myself. She really helped me in so many ways. Couldn't thank her enough", FG


"I was surviving infidelity from my husband when I first met Sarah and through our work I realised I was struggling with relationship problems all my life. I had experienced trauma bonding with previous partners and it was coming up in this relationship. Our work made me realise how my subconscious is acting out and I have been able to resolve so many issues that I was going through. I'm definitely more confident and content. The only thing is I wish I had started this sooner. If anyone is on the fence about this - I would say definitely do it. It's hard but so worthwhile and life changing!", DE

“I have worked with Sarah for several months, and it has been such a challenging journey. There is no way I would have made it through the life events that I have struggled with without the support and training from our sessions. It started with helping me through a crisis but has developed into really helping me understand the real causes and I am continuing to work with her to improve these areas for the betterment of my life. Would recommend to anyone”.ES

"I’ve seen a few therapists/counsellors/hypnotherapists in the past, but I struggled to find someone who could help me to resolve a multitude of things I’ve been struggling with for years. Sarah is the only psychotherapist that has truly helped me to improve. Sarah is extremely empathetic, she made me feel very comfortable in every session and I really feel like she cares. Sarah offers a very good balance of providing me with some insight, to allow me to shift my perspective, vs. allowing me to come to my own decision on how I think I should move forward. I also feel like she’s been a combination of a life coach and a therapist, and she has honestly changed my mindset so much. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve found Sarah and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with mental health, for any reason.", EP

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