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Heal trauma bonding 6 month program 

How to heal from trauma bonding so you stop walking on eggshells and start attracting an abundance of love (ALWAYS) and become so confident.

Pillar #1

How to feel loved and wanted, knowing you can and deserve to have a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Ready to get in control over the relationship? Command and attract the love you want, and have love that feels consistent and safe, every day.

Pillar #2

How to rewire your brain and subconscious mind to feel so confident that you never doubt if you are good enough.

Stop feeling on edge and acting in ways to make your partner happy. Start feeling safe and loveable being your true self - no filter needed.  

Pillar #3

How to get respect and attention to you that is rightfully yours, without getting into an argument or being afraid you'll be criticized or abandoned.

End all self-sabotaging behaviour and bending backwards, learn how to *actually* have a secure and healthy relationship.


Trauma Bonding
Healing Program

After helping clients for over a decade heal from trauma bonding, relationship problems, and infidelity, as well as having been on my own personal healing journey, I have created a very unique and specialized program which I am so honoured to share with you.


This program is like no other. It has been specifically designed using scientifically proven techniques to support you on:

  • Healing from trauma bonding 

  • Surviving infidelity

  • Resolve and recover from relationship problems

  • Improve anxious attachments

  • End self-sabotaging behaviour

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve the relationship with yourself

  • Improve your relationships with others including your partner, family, and friends.

Unlike typical therapy that may be generic or that focuses on one or two components, this program supports healing across all levels of your psyche and consciousness. The program integrates healing on:

  • Emotional levels, so that you process and regulate emotional pain in a healthy and contained way.

  • Mental and cognitive levels, so that you can resolve and problem-solve issues an in intelligent and aligned way.

  • Somatic levels, so that you can release pent up trauma that is held in the body and process subconscious issues that become biologically innate.

  • Behavioural levels, so that you can take actions to change the direction of your relationship so you can be more empowered and in control.

  • Unconscious levels, so that you can automatically start living a life that is aligned to your needs and desires.

To support your decision as to whether this program is right for you, I have created a video that will give you an introduction on how to start healing - you can use this to take your first steps on your journey. From here, you are invited to apply to the program if you feel this would be aligned with you.

I honour your presence and action to heal.


"Dr Sarah helped me work through so many painful memories of past realtionships. I was stuck in a trap and it was hard going from one relationship to the next but I felt empty and lost. I feel so much better now, I feel more confident and at peace. Definitely worth it"

-- JS

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