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 Heal trauma bonding and manifest love in abundance in this 3-day retreat

Finally stop walking on eggshells and putting other people first so you can live in confidence, happiness, and love every day.

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After this retreat you will...


"Truly blessed to have been on this journey. It was intense and learnt so much about my mind, my unconscious mind, how trauma is held in my body and how to release it so I can fully self-love. So honoured and blessed to have this. Sarah is really skilled and an expert at what she has done. I'd advise ANYONE to go on this - regardless if it's a big or little trauma you've been through in your relationships." - AF

The program is design to help you...

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End toxic relationship patterns

Process and heal trauma bonding and end the toxic cycle. Create a healthy relationship template filled with safety & security, trust & respect, healthy boundaries & communication.

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Heal past traumas

Remove traumas and end unhealthy sensitivities to events so that you can move forward. No longer feel anxious, panicked, or on edge. Finally feel calm, at peace, and serene.

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Grow your confidence & self-worth

Find yourself again especially when you have been lost. Discover that you are infinitely worthy and step into the best version of yourself so you can be happy & healthy in all parts of life.

Inside the retreat

The 3-day therapy program has been specially designed to help you heal from trauma bonding.  Whether it is historic or recent trauma, if you are surviving infidelity, experiencing relationship problems or you have been in a toxic relationship after another...


This program and retreat is tailored to help you heal of deep seated trauma, guilt, anxiety, and panic by processing:

  • Subconscious beliefs and memories

  • Trauma held in the body

  • Emotional pain and dysregulation

  • Thoughts and mindset blocks

  • Self-sabotaging behaviour


By joining this retreat and healing trauma bonding, you will learn how to improve your relationships, hold boundaries where you feel respected, communicate assertively, resolve relationship problems (without getting into a fight), and create a balance of control and power. More importantly, you will begin to live your truth and realise that you are infinitely worthy of so much love and affection. Get ready for the transformation.

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