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What's inside our 3-day retreat?

When working with you, I take a holistic approach to ensure we treat the whole of you: mind, body, and soul. I have personally created the therapy program based on high-quality scientific research, integrating techniques designed to heal trauma bonding.

All methods used are scientifically proven and evidenced based. The techniques utilized throughout the retreat span across:

  • Somatic (body) to process trapped trauma and automatic responses you find yourself doing and living

  • Unconscious mind to process painful memories that have been holding you back and living a surface level life

  • Mental thoughts to recognize and process unhealthy thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks

  • Emotional feelings to process painful emotions and emotional dysregulation

  • Behaviours (actions) to end self-sabotaging behaviour so you can naturally act in a way that serves your healing and your best self. 

Details of the techniques used and the outcome you should expect are described below.

These retreats are offered typically to program members as I get to know you well throughout the program, and I can ensure the retreat is specifically tailored to you. Application forms are reviewed in detail. If you want to discuss individual cases, please get in touch.

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DAY ONE: Unravel the toxic relationship

The first day is dedicated to helping you understand the factors behind the difficult relationship and how this has affected the programming of your unconscious mind. We begin to understand in depth how you relate to other people, how you believe they see you, and how you act around them. Through this, you will also start seeing why repeated patterns across various relationships occur, and how this stops you from feeling able to fully trust that you are safe to be who you truly are.


On this day, we begin to work through past traumas, and identify the behaviours that kept you accepting bad treatment and enabling unhealthy patterns. Scientifically evidence based psychological techniques are employed to help you bring the unconscious into conscious awareness so that you are ready to embark upon change. A blend of therapeutic techniques involved includes CBT for Trauma, Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Schema Therapy is used.


Through these activities, you'll gain insights into your perceptions of others and yourself and your interactions that may be harmful, self-sabotaging, or disconnecting.

By the end you will...

Gain insight into your trauma boning, relationship and attachment style and the vulnerabilities that lead you into damaging and toxic relationships.


Identify warning signs of abusive relationships, understand why you may miss them, and explore why you get trapped in self-sabotaging behaviour of self-sacrifice and people-pleasing.


You will discover what you can control and take charge of your life, transitioning from a sense of helplessness to empowerment, enabling change and healing.

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By the end you will...

Prioritize yourself so that you are no longer in a secondary or neglected position. Reclaim the driver's seat of your life, feeling comfortable and content in this empowered position.

Establish healthy boundaries that guide you in determining when it is safe to be vulnerable and open in a relationship and when it is necessary to protect yourself and walk away.

Experience a profound sense of confidence, unconditional and infinite self-worth, and genuine love for all aspects of yourself. Find happiness and contentment, recognizing that you are more than enough and deserving of amazing experiences.

We explore the real truth as to how toxic relationships have impacted you: the injury to your self-worth. As we go through this day, you will become more aware of how you treat yourself in both conscious and unconscious ways. These may include familiar self-critical stories you tell yourself, as if you are feeling you are "not good enough", as well as tolerating poor treatment from others, believing you "deserve it". 

The biggest and most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Your mind is your forever home, so it is vital that this is a safe place to be in, to allow you to feel content and grow. Throughout this journey, you will feel courageous to strengthen and nurture the relationship you have with yourself. 

Through the use of scientific methods including Compassionate Focused Therapy, Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, I support you in the rewiring your subconscious mindDuring this process, you will experience a profound grounding in your authentic self, discovering your true essence and realize your infinite self-worth. You will begin to connect deeply with your core being and acknowledge that you fully and truly deserve incredible things. You will begin to self-love in every single way, and from here, you can command and attract the life you desire. 

DAY TWO: Unveiling your relationship with yourself

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DAY THREE: Have loving relationships, be confident, and live happy

Building upon your new awareness of toxic relationship patterns and profound self-worth, we continue to work on consolidating new beliefs, patterns, and ways of being so that it sets within your conscious and subconscious mind and becomes second nature.


During this day, you will be develop skills and have tools to take away to support you:

  1. Letting go of anxiety, guilt, and trauma that held you back.

  2. Stop tolerating inappropriate or unacceptable behaviours from your partner or other people.

  3. Stand your ground, embody confidence, and command respect.

  4. Set and practice healthy boundaries that keep you safe and cultivate positive long-term relationships.

  5. Flags to recognize and stop self-sabotaging behaviours.

  6. Set a new and healthy precedence for your relationships where you both feel respected, heard, and attended to.

  7. Communicate ways in which your partner and others actually hear you, you feel able to convey your needs, and solve arguments in a calm way.

  8. Manage difficult and distressing emotions in fast and effective evidence-based methods.

By the end you will...

Release emotional trauma, panic, guilt, unhelpful thoughts, and self-sabotaging behaviour that no longer serve you. You can break free from the mindset of being a people pleaser and believing you are undeserving of love.

Experience a natural shift in feeling and recognizing the love and care you truly deserve. You will become aware of and put an end to self-sabotaging behaviour (whether from yourself or others) that don't align with what you deserve, while attracting what aligns with your core needs.


Develop confidence in effectively communicating your thoughts, feelings, and needs in a way that others can genuinely appreciate.

Retreat Location


Our group retreats take place in peaceful and secluded regions of North West England. You will stay in one of the beautiful cottages or homes for 3 days, with every need catered to, allowing you to focus on yourself. Experience a profound sense of peace as you embark on a healing journey, engaging in individual and group therapy in a safe and inviting location. The specific location is provided when you book.

Wifi available

Catering provided
Can accomodate dietary requirements.

Hygiene and safety are prioritized throughout.

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