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What's inside the 3-day retreat?


3 days to deeply:

- Heal wounds of the past

- End harmful relationship patterns.

- Grow your self-worth and confidence

Possible options*:

One to one retreat

Couples retreat

Group retreat

* Please let us know your preference in the application form

More details...

When working with you, I take a holistic approach to ensure we treat the whole of you: mind, body, and soul. I have personally created the therapy program based on high-quality scientific research, integrating techniques designed to heal trauma bonding.

All methods used are scientifically proven and evidenced based. The techniques utilized throughout the retreat span across:

  • Somatic (body) to process trapped trauma and automatic responses you find yourself doing and living

  • Unconscious mind to process painful memories that have been holding you back and living a surface level life

  • Mental thoughts to recognize and process unhealthy thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks

  • Emotional feelings to process painful emotions and emotional dysregulation

  • Behaviours (actions) to end self-sabotaging behaviour so you can naturally act in a way that serves your healing and your best self. 

Details of the techniques used and the outcome you should expect are described below.

These retreats are offered typically to program members as I get to know you well throughout the program, and I can ensure the retreat is specifically tailored to you. Application forms are reviewed in detail. If you want to discuss individual cases, please get in touch.

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DAY ONE: Unravel the toxic relationship

The first day is dedicated to helping you:

  1. Understand why you get hooked into toxic relationships and difficult patterns so you can start to have healthy relationships, where you feel respected, heard, understood, and secure.

  2. Learning to recognise subtle (and very important) red flags so they no longer have dominance over you. Stop difficult situations control you and your actions - take control over the steering wheel

  3. Untangling self-sabotaging behaviours so you are no longer maintaining difficult cycles, feeling helpless, or being a victim of circumstances. Become proactive & nurture a healthy and loving relationship

  4. Create a healthy relationship template where you feel so empowered and so unshakable that you can effortlessly instil boundaries, learn to communicate assertively, say exactly how you feel, share all parts of yourself safely. 

By the end you will...

Gain insight into your toxic relationship dynamics, trauma boning, attachment style, personality type, and the vulnerabilities that lead you into damaging and toxic relationships.


Identify warning signs of painful patterns, understand why you may miss them, and explore why you get trapped in self-sabotaging behaviour of self-sacrifice and people-pleasing.


You will discover what you can control and take charge of your life, transitioning from a sense of helplessness to empowerment, enabling change and healing.

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By the end you will...

You will feel lighter - physically, mentally, spiritually, and everything else in between.

You will have processed traumas that are held in your body, in your neural circuit, and in your subconscious mind. (Believe me - whether or not you consciously remember it, your body and subconscious will always hold the trauma if it is not processed and released).

Feel free of the emotional and visceral pain.


No longer feel panicked or physically triggered.

Experience a calm and serenity like never before.

Using the power of science combined with nature and spirituality, this day is designed to:

  1. Process old traumas that are holding you back. These traumas may either be obvious (big T trauma) or subtle (little t trauma), and may stem from your earlier years and life experiences. Using neuroscientific techniques, we practice methods such as EFT and TFT to support physiological processing of painful events. Release the trauma - whether or not your conscious mind remembers it.

  2. Process painful patterns and end the 'repeated toxic cycle' through subconscious reprogramming methods. Using the power of meditation and hypnosis, I support you to dive deep into certain parts of your psyche to let go of self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, and emotions that no longer serve you. 

DAY TWO: Letting go of past traumas & creating a clean slate

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DAY THREE: Know your INFINITE self-worth. Become more confident than you ever thought possible.

If you have ever experienced the feeling "I'm not good enough" - this work is necessary for you.

Toxic relationships and trauma bonding heavily and negatively depreciate your self-worth. But the likelihood is that you got entangled into this painful dynamic is because the worry "I'm not good enough" existed on some level in your subconscious mind, prior to the relationship. 

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself: You are your only home. On this day, we:

  1. Dive into your subconscious beliefs about yourself and your worth. Through this, we identify, understand, and end harmful patterns such as self-criticism or self-neglect.

  2. Understand inner wounds that are activated and triggered by external people, relationships, and events. Healing these wounds through powerful techniques informed by neuroscience and nature, helping you find strength again.  

  3. Remove the limits of your self-worth, what you deserve (or don't) and stop the internal war that goes inside your mind and body. Step into your true essence, a divine being with true power and control: you are infinitely worthy

  4. Develop confidence and trust in yourself, discover your authentic self and connect to your being. Never be "second-best" (or further down the list) again. 

By the end you will...

End feelings of guilt or shame - the idea that you are fundamentally "flawed" or that you are doing something "wrong". 

You will no longer tolerate unacceptable behaviours from other people. Boundaries come naturally to you and you feel safe and secure - cultivating amazing long-term relationships. 

You can communicate your emotions, needs, and values without feeling judged or dismissed. You instead can feel heard, respected and attended to.

Step into feeling stable, secure, confident. Breathe easy. 

You were always perfect - you just forgot along your journey of life. Come here to rediscover your infinite worth again.

Retreat Location

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Retreats take place in peaceful and secluded regions of North West England. You will stay in one of the beautiful cottages or homes for 3 days, with every need catered to, allowing you to focus on yourself. Experience a profound sense of peace as you embark on a healing journey, engaging in individual and group therapy in a safe and inviting location. The specific location is provided when you book.

Wifi available

Catering provided
Can accomodate dietary requirements.

Hygiene and safety are prioritized throughout.

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